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Ok, picture this – you’re having a less than stellar day, and need to send yourself to a “happy place” mentally.  What do you think of?  Are there lush landscapes and mountains in the clouds?  Is there a sandy beach with bright blue water and pink sunsets?  Perhaps you’re a little more creative and are […]

Here’s the thing…  I didn’t really know what to expect with Kuala Lumpur.  For one, we were flying Malaysia Airlines to get there and they’ve had some pretty unfortunate press lately.  Secondly, it’s a very different cultural experience and I was a little concerned about the local customs and lifestyle.  The whole thing seemed a […]

Adventure Day!


After the coldest winter in recorded history, spring has FINALLY arrived.  However, she decided to extend the misery by providing us with a copious amount of April showers.  (Bitch.)  After a miserable week of cloudy skies and cold rain, I was antsy, irritable, and needing an escape. Mission:  Adventure Day. Fortunately, Saturday was projected to be […]

San Francisco


San Francisco is one of those places that isn’t just known for one monument or moment in history.  It’s chock full of character and hosts attractions galore.  When I think of San Fran, I think of wavy haired hippies chillin’ on the steps of Jerry Garcia’s place near Haight/Ashbury.  I think of the first time I […]

The Amazon


Welcome to the jungle!!  We’ve got fun and games… …and snakes, monkeys, bugs, birds, hammocks, mosquito nets, rain, a Shaman, open-air hotels, and humidity. Really, it’s a pretty awesome adventure.  Just bring bug spray. 🙂