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The Rem Dogg


I truly believe that you don’t necessarily choose the dog that you adopt.  Sometimes, they choose you. Remy wasn’t supposed to be mine.  I had my eye on a low-rider Corgi named Penny, and had started the process to adopt her.  My mom had just adopted a dog as well – a bouncy 4-month old puppy […]

Adventure Day!


After the coldest winter in recorded history, spring has FINALLY arrived.  However, she decided to extend the misery by providing us with a copious amount of April showers.  (Bitch.)  After a miserable week of cloudy skies and cold rain, I was antsy, irritable, and needing an escape. Mission:  Adventure Day. Fortunately, Saturday was projected to be […]

This Valentine’s Day, Remy and I would like to remind you that the greatest love comes from those who need it the most – an adoptable shelter dog.  Every day is Valentine’s Day when you rescue a companion animal. I hope you are all as lucky as I am to experience the gift of unconditional […]



…has NOT been served.  See post:  Trouble. I attempted to vindicate myself from this offensive and unnecessary charge, but the City of Chicago wasn’t interested in my defense.  Nay.  The City is only interested in what their hard-working, responsible, tax-paying citizens can do to help them repair their atrocious budget deficit.  Well, guess what, Chicago… […]

Before I’m married to the idea that my new mirrorless camera is the bees knees, we need to date a little bit.  You know, get comfortable with one another.  Spending quality time together is the best way to get to know a potential partner, so that’s what my new camera and I have been doing. […]