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Como se dice “holy shit, that trip was awesome!!” en Espanol? I got home from Peru yesterday and I’m still rockin a travel high. I can say with 99.99% certainty that this was one of the best vacations of my life. I uploaded all my pictures to the computer today and I am SO stoked […]

Peru Pt. 2


After hiking 45 kilometers in 4 days, hitting 13,776 ft. above sea level, and waking up at 3:45 am to finish the last few miles of the Inca Trail… We had arrived. Machu Picchu. My moment of zen. This was truly one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done. More to come soon!

Sacred Valley


Today we did a half day tour (with a full days worth of activities) to the Sacred Valley. We visited Moray & Maras, Chinchero and Salinas. I know you find this totally riveting and want to know more, but I have to save the details for when I post the pics from my fancy cam. […]

Meet Lloyd (pronounced “Yoid” in his native country). Lloyd is a llama. Lloyd joined our group today and will be traveling with us throughout Peru. He dines with us. He drinks with us. He bar hops with us. And although we just met, we’re already great friends. Lloyd is a pretty awesome addition to our […]

Eleventh Hour


Crap. My flight leaves tomorrow at 8:43am and I *just* finished packing. I always firmly announce to myself, “I’m never doing this again. Next time, I’ll have my suitcase by the door two days before I leave!!” But, no. Just, no. It never happens. Procrastination, you’re quite the formidable opponent. In any event, I don’t […]