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Fortunately for you, I can’t filter the scent of sulfur through my blog. “How could you post about Yellowstone geysers without including Old Faithful?” you ask.  I was unprepared and my camera battery died.  That’s how.  If you want my 2 cents, which I’m going to give you whether you want it or not, Old […]

Lots of change going on lately. With winter rapidly approaching (nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!), I know I need to seize any and all opportunities to be outdoors.  A photography group that I follow suggested a meetup at the Morton Arboretum to check out the fall leaves.   What I thought would be a few hours of shooting turned into […]



Happy Summer, Monifans! Remember me? As usual, things have been moving at super mega turbo speed. With all of life’s responsibilities, it’s often easy to lose track of the days and find yourself in a routine. Alarm clock buzzes at 6:15. Walk the dog. Feed the dog. Work at 8. Leave at 5. Go to […]