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Check me out, posting 2 days in a row!!  Is a Project 365* in my near future?  Probably not, I should set reasonable goals and aim for a Project 52** (see below if you’ve never heard of these endeavors before). Enough about me, let’s talk about the pictures!  While staying in Florence, we took a day […]

Of all the cities I visited while in Italy, Florence was my favorite.  I was immediately taken by the architecture and cultural richness.  While there, we walked through the Uffizi, saw a leatherwork demonstration and of course… took advantage of the charming boutiques and fabulous shopping!  The morning we left for Venice we stopped at […]

Hi friends!  Or shall I say, ciao amici!    Miss me?  I missed you!  I had a WONDERFUL time in Italy.  The culture is so rich, the history is fascinating, the food is delicious and the wine… pure bliss.  And don’t get me started on the gelato!  My skinny jeans are on strike until further notice.  I […]

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