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Lots of change going on lately. With winter rapidly approaching (nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!), I know I need to seize any and all opportunities to be outdoors.  A photography group that I follow suggested a meetup at the Morton Arboretum to check out the fall leaves.   What I thought would be a few hours of shooting turned into […]

Since returning from my Asian Extravaganza, my budget has required me to stay local.  Thankfully, this is the best time of year to really appreciate the Midwest.  The weather is a perfect 55-65, leaves are turning colors and starting to fall, and pumpkin-spiced everything is back in action.  Last year, I organized an adventure day […]

As a kid growing up in South Florida, I didn’t get to experience the seasons in a traditional sense.  As far as I knew, they entailed hot, hotter, hottest, and hurricanes.   Now that I’ve spent 6 years in the Midwest, I fully understand why people would say that Florida never feels that “festive”.   […]

I might’ve said this already, but I think fall is the jam.  The colors, the fashion, the food, the festivity, the fruits, the alliteration…  it’s just sensory overload in the most warm and comforting way.  It’s like, if fall were a person, he/she would invite you into their beautiful magazine-worthy home, offer you the world’s […]



As a kid growing up in Florida, I didn’t get to experience the typical change in seasons.  Instead of Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall – I had Hurricanes, Hot, Hotter and Holy Humidity.   Even though Winter is nature’s cruelest joke (and I’m so not amused), I very much appreciate the normal progression of seasons and Fall is by far my […]