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Ok, picture this – you’re having a less than stellar day, and need to send yourself to a “happy place” mentally.  What do you think of?  Are there lush landscapes and mountains in the clouds?  Is there a sandy beach with bright blue water and pink sunsets?  Perhaps you’re a little more creative and are […]

Here’s the thing…  I didn’t really know what to expect with Kuala Lumpur.  For one, we were flying Malaysia Airlines to get there and they’ve had some pretty unfortunate press lately.  Secondly, it’s a very different cultural experience and I was a little concerned about the local customs and lifestyle.  The whole thing seemed a […]

A few weeks ago I was looking forward to a vacation in SE Asia, and then I blinked…  and now I’m back in Chicago feeling jet-lagged, with some vivid memories of a Balinese Bruno Mars look-a-like singing a cover of AC/DC, ridiculous sunsets, an infinity pool looking over Singapore, and a craving for chili crab. […]