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As a kid growing up in South Florida, I didn’t get to experience the seasons in a traditional sense.  As far as I knew, they entailed hot, hotter, hottest, and hurricanes.   Now that I’ve spent 6 years in the Midwest, I fully understand why people would say that Florida never feels that “festive”.   […]

Halloween is always super fun.  I love seeing all the creative costumes (especially subjects of topical interest) and going bar-to-bar for adult trick-or-treating.  This year, I decided to try something different and went the DIY (do-it-yourself) route.  Gotta be honest, I was pretty proud of the outcome.  Here’s how it breaks down: Clothing from Goodwill: […]

I might’ve said this already, but I think fall is the jam.  The colors, the fashion, the food, the festivity, the fruits, the alliteration…  it’s just sensory overload in the most warm and comforting way.  It’s like, if fall were a person, he/she would invite you into their beautiful magazine-worthy home, offer you the world’s […]

Best Week Ever


So, last week… This happened. And then this happened. And then this happened. And it was the best week ever.

San Francisco


San Francisco is one of those places that isn’t just known for one monument or moment in history.  It’s chock full of character and hosts attractions galore.  When I think of San Fran, I think of wavy haired hippies chillin’ on the steps of Jerry Garcia’s place near Haight/Ashbury.  I think of the first time I […]