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First and foremost, I’d like to thank my readers for continuing to follow my blog.  Monilogues turned 3 this year and it’s been really wonderful to share my pictures and life experiences with you.  They grow up so fast… *sniff*  Your virtual gold stars have been much appreciated, and I truly value your input, encouragement, and […]

Chicago Theater


Did you know that there are 8,915 lightbulbs in the Chicago Theater marquee?  Probably not.  Did you know that the C-h-i-c-a-g-o sign stands at nearly 6-stories tall?  I’ll bet you didn’t. Those are two of the many fascinating facts I learned when I toured the Chicago Theater earlier this month.  Every now and again, I’ll […]

Da Bears


I love football.  No, seriously.  I’m a total bro when it comes to sports.  I live for College Gameday and Thursday/Sunday/Monday night football.   I follow stats and brag about random UCF players doing big things in the pro’s.  I yell at refs on the tv and mock them whenever they make bad calls.  I […]

Let’s be real…  girls from Boca don’t really know how to rough it.  So when a camping trip was proposed to me, I was definitely a bit apprehensive.   Although I don’t love getting my hands dirty, I like to think that I’m not a typical hoity toity girlie girl, so I packed my bags […]



It’s funny how the word “butterflies” can mean so many different things.  Am I referring to the giddiness you get when you look across the room and see the man/woman of your dreams?  Or am I describing the nervous stomach-churning you feel when you’re about to be interviewed for the job you’ve been coveting for […]