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Ko Samet


With the blizzard aftermath covering the streets and temperatures in the single digits, it’s necessary that I find my happy place.  I’ve seen a lot of beaches in my life, but nothing has compared to the island of Ko Samet.  In between our whirlwind stays at Hong Kong and Bangkok, we made our way to this sandy […]



Chicago is in the midst of a ginormous blizzard right now.  Since I have no choice but to be trapped inside, I decided to pick up where I left off with my study abroad pictures.  I still don’t think I’ve gone through all of them, but judging by the scenery outside my window I’ll have […]

People Watching


As much as I was taken by the sights of Asia, I was also keen to the people.   It seemed to me that people in Hong Kong like to be fashion forward, trendy, and are detail oriented, while the people in Thailand are much more low key and unassuming.  The cultures are very different and unique, […]

Sunsets in Asia


Even though the trip was packed with activities, I tried to pause and take a moment whenever possible to appreciate my surroundings.  We were outside a ton and I had some great opportunities to catch a few sunsets.  As I was going through my photos and culling (in cold, grey, snowy Chicago), I came across these sunsets and immediately felt […]

Hong Kong


Well, I’m back from my trip after approximately 36 hours on a plane, 11 business meetings, 4 dim sum dinners too many, multiple Tiger beers, 1 elephant ride, 100 solicitations for a ping pong show and a racked up credit card. I really don’t know how to describe it, except that it was a top […]