When it comes to Yellowstone, size matters. The park is so huge, you need to spend more than a few nights there to feel like you’ve scratched the surface. While planning for this park, I made the executive decision to spend 6 nights there and break it up between 2 different campsites, 3 nights each.
Pro: We had a better shot of spending less time in the car, and more time checking out all of the awesomeness that Yellowstone has to offer.
Con: The closest shower from our second campground (Madison) was 16 miles away at Old Faithful, almost negating aforementioned mileage saved.
Turning a con into a pro: Old Faithful has a solid ice cream shop.

The park feels pretty overwhelming when you’re determined to see everything but can’t decide what to prioritize. We read about photo safari’s in the park newspaper and it sounded like a great way to hit some highlights (and let someone else do the driving). So, we woke up while it was still dark out, drove an hour to meet our guide (Joe, a fellow Coloradan) and took off on a early bird adventure around some of Yellowstone’s most picturesque spots.

Here is the juice of that fruitful experience! Click to see full size images.


On deck, one of my absolute favorites: Glacier National Park

Fortunately for you, I can’t filter the scent of sulfur through my blog.


Morning Glory


Midway Geyser Basin


Midway Geyser Basin


Artist Paint Pots


Some smelly fumarole


Fumaroles at dusk

“How could you post about Yellowstone geysers without including Old Faithful?” you ask.  I was unprepared and my camera battery died.  That’s how.  If you want my 2 cents, which I’m going to give you whether you want it or not, Old Faithful is more of an obligatory check mark and ranks low on the list of the coolest things to see in Yellowstone.

On deck:  the coolest things to see in Yellowstone

Since I recently moved out west, I figured it would be a good idea to delay real life for as long as possible and spend some time traveling America’s gems: the National Parks. I’ve traveled all over this world, but never gave my very own country enough consideration. Thus began the plan for the “Super Summer Sabbatical” and we took 6 weeks, drove 6,000 miles, visited 10 national parks + 6 cities, drove through 10 states, and obviously won the prize for Most Amazeballs Adventure Ever. It wasn’t just a good idea, it was a GREAT idea. There are so many incredible things to see right in our very own backyard, and I’m so happy that I finally gave them their due attention.

Prep yourself my dear readers.  Monilogues has a lot to catch you up on from 2015, 2016, and the first half of 2017, but the Super Summer Sabb takes precedence.  Chronology be damned.

The first stop on our sabby was Grand Teton National Park.  We were spoiled right off the bat with this place.  Incredible scenery, perfect weather, and quite possibly the best campsite in the entire NPS system. The one con:  mosquitos.  Those a-holes came at me hard, no matter how much bug spray I doused myself with.


Site 15 – Signal Mountain Campground


The unbearable view from site 15


The Grand Tetons


On deck:  Yellowstone

In the immortal words of LLCoolJ, don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years. Life has just gotten in the way and sadly, the blog part was neglected. Sorry, friends. Alas, I have never forgotten about this special place called Monilogues and I’m still very much in the photography game (and crushing it!).  So let’s just pick up where we left off, yeah? So much has changed and life has been good. So good.

So pop some bottles, light that doob (or vape, if you will), blast a little Foo, and let’s rock out.

When I was a kid, I used to collect Absolut Vodka ads from magazines.  I had no concept of what they were selling, I just thought the campaign was so cool.  It was like a “Where’s Waldo” experience to see how they incorporated the bottle shape in so many clever ways.  (I had no idea at the time that this collection would foreshadow my adulthood – a career in marketing/advertising and an affinity for vodka).  I’m not entirely sure why, but this particular Absolut ad captivated me.  Ever since I came across it, I was obsessed with the idea of visiting Nantucket.

Effective Advertising

Effective Advertising

Some umpteen years later, I finally made this dream a reality.

I've arrived!

I’ve arrived!

Not only was the weather a perfect 60 degrees and sunny, but I stepped off the ferry and discovered that Nantucket was every bit as magical as I had imagined.  We made a beeline for the bike shop and rented bikes for the day to explore.

We saw lighthouses.

Sankaty Head Light

Sankaty Head Light



Too cold for swimsuits

and naturally, we had to check out the famous Cisco brewery/distillery/vineyard.

Bikes & Barrels.

Bikes & Barrels.

It was the perfect day.  Now that I’ve visited, the cottages are calling my name.  New bucket list item:  vacation rental for a summer Cape Cod getaway.


Come back!  Stay longer!

You’ve won me over, Nantucket.  Your charm is irresistible.

Until we meet again,