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Mmmmm…. Pie.


This isn’t my picture, but I really enjoyed it and wanted to share. So, Happy Pi Day!

Da Bears


I love football.  No, seriously.  I’m a total bro when it comes to sports.  I live for College Gameday and Thursday/Sunday/Monday night football.   I follow stats and brag about random UCF players doing big things in the pro’s.  I yell at refs on the tv and mock them whenever they make bad calls.  I […]

Let’s be real…  girls from Boca don’t really know how to rough it.  So when a camping trip was proposed to me, I was definitely a bit apprehensive.   Although I don’t love getting my hands dirty, I like to think that I’m not a typical hoity toity girlie girl, so I packed my bags […]

Ok, I’ll admit it… I’ve been unnecessarily panicked about turning 30. For months, I’ve been pouting to anyone who would listen and I’ve been making this milestone out to be some sort of personal Armageddon. “But your 20’s are supposed to be your best years where you have loads of freedom and you’re expected to […]

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!!  I really couldn’t care less who wins this big game, but I see it as an opportunity to gather friends, watch great football (I hope…  the NCAA big game was pretty less than stellar), eat buffalo wings, and laugh at creative advertising.  I hope you enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday parties […]