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Since I recently moved out west, I figured it would be a good idea to delay real life for as long as possible and spend some time traveling America’s gems: the National Parks. I’ve traveled all over this world, but never gave my very own country enough consideration. Thus began the plan for the “Super […]



Ok, picture this – you’re having a less than stellar day, and need to send yourself to a “happy place” mentally.  What do you think of?  Are there lush landscapes and mountains in the clouds?  Is there a sandy beach with bright blue water and pink sunsets?  Perhaps you’re a little more creative and are […]

The pride parade has some personal meaning for me.  Not due to any political or social matters, but because I moved to Chicago the day of the pride parade in 2007.  After driving 18 hours and trying to find the apartment that I was renting but hadn’t yet seen, in a neighborhood that I wasn’t familiar with, you […]

San Francisco


San Francisco is one of those places that isn’t just known for one monument or moment in history.  It’s chock full of character and hosts attractions galore.  When I think of San Fran, I think of wavy haired hippies chillin’ on the steps of Jerry Garcia’s place near Haight/Ashbury.  I think of the first time I […]

I have to say, I’ve been having an almost indescribably awesome summer. I had the best vacation of my life in Peru, spent Father’s Day with my parents in beautiful San Francisco, have been hitting up street fests & concerts galore, spending a ton of time with rad friends and making so many new ones, […]