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The coolest thing about Olympic NP is that it has 3 distinct ecosystems: a rainforest, the Pacific shore, and alpine forests/meadows.  We only had 2 nights here, which sucked.  I mean, it didn’t suck – it was amazing, but it wasn’t nearly enough time to see all the awesomeness Olympic has to offer. I loved […]

As a teenager in the mid-to-late 90’s, images of Seattle were influenced by bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden.  In my mind, it was a faraway land covered in clouds and always misty, with angsty people wrapped in plaid and rebelling from society by refusing to wash their hair.  But then Starbucks, and Amazon, and pictures […]

When you think of Idaho, you think about potatoes.  Right?  You probably don’t think to yourself, “What an exotic destination!  I’m going to plan a trip there and post a shit ton of Instagrams so all of my friends are super jealous of my baller vacay.”  And that’s cool. I’d actually prefer that it stays […]

When it comes to Yellowstone, size matters.

Fortunately for you, I can’t filter the scent of sulfur through my blog. “How could you post about Yellowstone geysers without including Old Faithful?” you ask.  I was unprepared and my camera battery died.  That’s how.  If you want my 2 cents, which I’m going to give you whether you want it or not, Old […]