Couer d’Alene. That’s a city in Idaho, for those who are unfamiliar.

When you think of Idaho, you think about potatoes.  Right?  You probably don’t think to yourself, “What an exotic destination!  I’m going to plan a trip there and post a shit ton of Instagrams so all of my friends are super jealous of my baller vacay.”  And that’s cool. I’d actually prefer that it stays under the radar so it doesn’t get overrun with tourists and crowds.
I was most excited about the stop in Couer d’Alene because I was completely surprised by how awesome it looked.  Originally, we were going to pass straight through Idaho to Washington, but as I was researching, I learned about this hidden gem and just had to add it to the itinerary.
And so we went.  And it was AWESOME.  We biked, we hiked, we swam, we cruised, we drank, and then….  it was over.   But don’t cry for me, Argentina…  because I will be back to Couer d’Alene soon.  It’s a must.
IMG_2411couer dalene-1902sabby-1914sabby-1895

2 Responses to “Couer d’Alene. That’s a city in Idaho, for those who are unfamiliar.”

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    Love your blogs, Monilogues!

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