Glacier National Park


Here’s the thing about Glacier National Park.  It’s SO magnificent and SO unbelievably beautiful, you feel like you’re floating around a place that can’t possibly be real. We hiked (over 11 miles on some days), we paddleboarded, we saw a ton of wildlife, and we dropped our jaws at the views.  But I personally feel like I failed here at GNP. We had so many opportunities to see so many awesome things, but I don’t think I was able to capture it well.  Call it a bad day (or 5), but I’d give anything to go back and do a better job.  I’ll still show you what I got, but keep your expectations low. #notimpressed

On another note, one of the visitor centers has an exhibit that shows the rapid decrease in glaciers since the park was designated in 1910.  You could press a button and see the loss of glaciers from decade to decade.  Climate change is a very real thing, and I feel fortunate to have visited this park while it still has a few of its namesake attractions left. Please do your part to fight climate change by reducing your carbon footprint (*gets on soapbox* you can start by eating less meat – read the facts on animal agriculture) and support organizations that are working to find a solution to this crisis *dismounts soapbox, takes a bow*.

You can read more about the melting glaciers here.

And you can see my meh pictures here ↓ (click to enlarge).

On deck:  my new favorite getaway.  Idaho.  Yes, Idaho.


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