My, what a big bison you have!


When it comes to Yellowstone, size matters. The park is so huge, you need to spend more than a few nights there to feel like you’ve scratched the surface. While planning for this park, I made the executive decision to spend 6 nights there and break it up between 2 different campsites, 3 nights each.
Pro: We had a better shot of spending less time in the car, and more time checking out all of the awesomeness that Yellowstone has to offer.
Con: The closest shower from our second campground (Madison) was 16 miles away at Old Faithful, almost negating aforementioned mileage saved.
Turning a con into a pro: Old Faithful has a solid ice cream shop.

The park feels pretty overwhelming when you’re determined to see everything but can’t decide what to prioritize. We read about photo safari’s in the park newspaper and it sounded like a great way to hit some highlights (and let someone else do the driving). So, we woke up while it was still dark out, drove an hour to meet our guide (Joe, a fellow Coloradan) and took off on a early bird adventure around some of Yellowstone’s most picturesque spots.

Here is the juice of that fruitful experience! Click to see full size images.


On deck, one of my absolute favorites: Glacier National Park

One Response to “My, what a big bison you have!”

  1. 1 Carol ellman

    Amazing photos! You could win a contest with these!

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