Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia


Here’s the thing…  I didn’t really know what to expect with Kuala Lumpur.  For one, we were flying Malaysia Airlines to get there and they’ve had some pretty unfortunate press lately.  Secondly, it’s a very different cultural experience and I was a little concerned about the local customs and lifestyle.  The whole thing seemed a little dicey.

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about.  Flying Malaysia Airlines was a very pleasant experience, and the cultural differences made the visit that much more interesting!  That’s one of the most awesome things about travel, right?  You step outside of your comfort zone and put yourself in completely unfamiliar territory.  If that doesn’t toot your horn, than I don’t know what will.

When we were in KL, we checked out Central Market and the Petronas Towers (currently the tallest twin buildings in the world).  Then we took a tour to the outskirts of KL and the Batu Caves which is a Hindu temple built into limestone.  Although we were only there for 2 nights, I felt like we saw everything we needed to see.  Some of my travel buddies thought KL was the highlight of the trip, but for me, that’s Bali.  Ah, Bali…  those glorious pictures are on deck, so stay tuned.


Entrance to Batu Caves - Lord Murugan

Entrance to Batu Caves – Lord Murugan


272 steps leading up


Inside the cave


Hindu statue/painting

Top of Petronas

Top of Petronas

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

3 Responses to “Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia”

  1. I always say pictures don’t do justice but these sure do !!!!!

  2. 2 marcsf

    Congrats on your 100th Monilogue post! This one is especially beautiful!

  3. 3 Carol ellman

    Beautiful! I travel through you eyes!

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