Chicago Pride Parade


The pride parade has some personal meaning for me.  Not due to any political or social matters, but because I moved to Chicago the day of the pride parade in 2007.  After driving 18 hours and trying to find the apartment that I was renting but hadn’t yet seen, in a neighborhood that I wasn’t familiar with, you can imagine that there was some added chaos by trying to navigate a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people with a packed car, my mom, and my very confused dog.  

Now that I’ve been settled in Chicago and don’t live on the north side, I can join the festivities on purpose.  It’s not a maze for me to navigate, but rather a huge celebration of people living freely.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves, but let me tell you – Chicago is a very proud city.  This year’s parade drew over a million people.  It was a smorgasbord of people, glitter, costumes, make-up and flags.  AKA the perfect opportunity to capture people doing what they do best in this city…  getting their party on.  


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