Festive Fall Sunday Funday


I might’ve said this already, but I think fall is the jam.  The colors, the fashion, the food, the festivity, the fruits, the alliteration…  it’s just sensory overload in the most warm and comforting way.  It’s like, if fall were a person, he/she would invite you into their beautiful magazine-worthy home, offer you the world’s best tasting homemade treats, and let you sit by the fire covered up in the world’s softest blanket on the most comfortable couch with a cup of cinnamon tea.  And you’d feel like life just hugged you.  

I like hugs.  So I decided to celebrate the season by doing a festive fall activity.   I went to an apple orchard, wore boots, drank hot apple cider, frolicked in fallen leaves, and indulged in a pumpkin spice donut.   Then, I relocated to a local craft brewery and satisfied my thirst with an Oktoberfest style beer.  It was grand.  

By the way, did you know that pumpkins are a fruit?  I just learned this.  Mind = blown.  



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