We Are The Champions! (Again!)


I have to say, I’ve been having an almost indescribably awesome summer. I had the best vacation of my life in Peru, spent Father’s Day with my parents in beautiful San Francisco, have been hitting up street fests & concerts galore, spending a ton of time with rad friends and making so many new ones, and watched the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley @#$*ing Cup!!!! Woooooooo!!!!!!!!!

As a legit sports fan, I can’t tell you how cool it is to live in a city that is die-hard about their sports teams. It doesn’t matter if it’s game 7 of the Cup finals or if it’s game 4 of the regular season, Chicago lives to see its teams thrive. Personally, I watched every single playoff game (almost… I had to sacrifice a few games of the Detroit series while in Peru) at some random Chicago sports bar and would nervously bite my nails, yell at the tv, watch through my hands over my eyes, and jump up to fist pump to Chelsea Dagger anytime the Hawks scored. It. Was. Awesome.

By the time game 6 of the finals came around, I was admittedly so ready for the series to be over. My blood pressure and beer consumption were at an all time high, and my productivity levels and sleeping hours were at an all time low. I really wanted the Blackhawks to win the Cup in Chicago, but at that point, I just wanted them to win and win now. A group of friends and I secured a huge table at a Blackhawks bar and ABC news was there – ready to capture the crowd’s reaction if/when the Hawks won. In the last two minutes, when the Hawks scored 2 goals in 17 seconds, the place had erupted into a madhouse. Nobody was sitting. The whole place was going nuts and my playoff-fatigue had completely vanished. But the festivities didn’t stop there… oh, no. People packed the streets for hours after the end of the game. The Cup has been making its rounds at bars around the city. There was also the championship parade and rally last Friday at Grant Park, which you know I couldn’t miss.   The win has definitely added another element of awesome to my already glorious summer. The only problem is that it’s already July and time is flying by wayyyyy too quickly!! The good news is that the rest of the summer is likely to continue with its streak of badassery. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Side note: Props to Boston for a ridiculously entertaining and intense series!

Tommy Hawk Leading the Parade

Tommy Hawk Leading the Parade


Captain Toews with the Stanley Cup




Grant Park Rally

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