Da Bears


I love football.  No, seriously.  I’m a total bro when it comes to sports.  I live for College Gameday and Thursday/Sunday/Monday night football.   I follow stats and brag about random UCF players doing big things in the pro’s.  I yell at refs on the tv and mock them whenever they make bad calls.  I wear my team gear and jump up and down when a big play is being made (run run run run RUN RUN RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN!!!!!!).   Depending on the game, I’m a rabid high-fiver or a heavy drinker.   Seriously, sports are the best form of reality tv.  Why anyone would drain IQ points by watching the Real Housewives of Whatever is beyond me.

This past summer, I traveled down to Bourbonnais, IL to watch the Bears at training camp.  It was in August, and I (like most Chicago Bears fans) was optimistic about the season.  I waxed poetic about the new offensive coordinator and was totally confident that Brandon Marshall was going to crush the record for receiving yards.  (By the way, did you know that he went to UCF?)  I was prepared for Jay Cutler to silence the haters and have an MVP year.  Then… the season started.  After a 7-1 beginning, the Bears are now 8-6.  But hey…  there’s always next year.  🙂


The huddle


My Knight in Bears armor… Brandon Marshall


Running drills


Signing autographs

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  1. 1 Chris

    Hope you got some wings after!

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