Steamboat Springs


Color me slackeriffic!  I’ve been soooo behind on blogging, but there have been lots of wonderful travels and updates to share.  So grab a beer, glass of wine, margarita, martini, or whatever your beverage of choice is, and let’s hang out for a while and catch up.

Allow me to refresh your memory.  The last time I blogged it was cold, football season was ending, I had just discovered Pinterest and had learned how to make 37 new and delicious appetizers for any occasion, and I was still in school.  Much has changed since that time!  Chicago had a crazy heat wave with temps in the 100+ range, football season is about to kick off, Pinterest has since added another 37 entrée and baked goods recipes to my repertoire and most importantly…  I graduated from business school and have been living the post-grad life of riches and fame.  Kinda.  Maybe just fame.  Ok, no fame or riches.  Alas, it’s still been pretty swell.

My first post-grad trip was to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  One of my super rad friends has a place in Steamboat and invited me to spend a weekend with her and her family for a ski trip.  Keep in mind, I hail from sunny Florida, so my winter sports experience has been fairly limited at best.  I had only attempted skiing twice in Wisconsin, and the skiing there is basically the equivalent of riding a bike with training wheels.    Nonetheless, the CO trip was scheduled for the weekend after my final exams and I wanted to kick off the celebration with a fun excursion in a state I had never previously visited.

After writing and submitting my last essay ever (on the enthralling subject of the Insanity infomercials), I closed up the books and hit the slopes.  I like to consider myself somewhat athletic, so I figured that I’d be able to adapt to the Colorado skiing conditions and be as steady as I was going down the mean bunny hills of Wisconsin.  I was wrong.  During our first run on a green trail (don’t judge me), I lost my footing and totally wiped out.  Not to mention, as I was gathering myself and putting my skis back on, a group of agile 6 year olds went flying past me.  Jerks.  It was only downhill from there (pun intended).  I worked my way up to some pretty steep blue runs, but I came across one that I decided was too daunting.  So I did what any newbie would do.  I took off my skis, handed them to my friend, and scooted all the way down the run on my butt.  Not going to lie, butt-sledding is pretty awesome, but I had paid to rent the skis and figured I would try again.  During another blue run, I had an epic fall and slid backwards into a small child.   He was fine, but his mom was not amused.  Nonetheless, I picked myself (and the little boy) back up and managed to finish the trip without any major injuries.  Success.

I did bring my camera with me to Colorado, but I wasn’t thrilled with any of the pictures.  So I’ll leave you with this – a picture of me and Hillary doing our best sexy ski bunny impersonation.

And then she ditched me for the black diamonds.

Next on Monilogues:  Savannah, GA

3 Responses to “Steamboat Springs”

  1. 1 marcsf

    Yes! Monilogues (finally) returns!!!

  2. 2 Ron

    Sheeeee’s back! Nice stuff….I’m gonna tag along one of these times!!

  3. Whenever I feel down I love to read blogs like yours, it makes issues a bit more bright and some hope that not just about all in this world tend to be evil and terror, keep up cheering us up, I know for one, which i will follow your posts in every way I can, really nice sit you got going!

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