Outer Banks, NC – Part Dos


September has pros and cons.  Cons:  back to school, winter looming, and the end of open-toed shoes.  Pros:  football, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, fall clothes, pumpkin lattes and only a month left of baseball.  Sportscenter over the summer is the worst.  An overpaid fat dude spitting in the outfield and diving for a ball is NOT a highlight…  but I digress.   September means the end of the summer and it takes me a while to shift my focus from beaches to books.  Although I was physically in class tonight, I was mentally back in OBX with my feet in the sand.  I’m in serious denial about the change of seasons.  If you’re not mentally ready for summer to end either, feel free to use these pictures as your happy place.  I’ll meet you there.

Sunset at Dinner

Fishing Pier

Jockey's Ridge Sand Dunes

3 Responses to “Outer Banks, NC – Part Dos”

  1. 1 Jaleel White

    Great sunset picture. The beaches are beautiful.

  2. 2 marcsf

    one great thing about florida…..summer NEVER ends!!!!

    • Pros of Florida: flip flops are acceptable everywhere, real beaches, great deli’s, no blizzards, no shoveling snow and lower sales tax
      Cons of Florida: insane amount of old people driving 20 mph in the left lane, no changing leaves, pumpkin lattes aren’t as special, frizzy hair due to humidity, lovebugs, hurricanes, fairweathered sports fans, and high population of New Yorkers.

      Midwest: 1
      Florida: 0

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