Outer Banks, NC – Part Uno


After much planning and copious emails, 3 of my college girlfriends and I procured a beach house in Kill Devil Hills for Labor Day weekend.  We all live in different parts of the country and one of us moves around the world more than Carmen Sandiego, so it was a sizeable task to get us all in the same place at the same time.   Although our plans were threatened by the destruction of Hurricane Irene, our beach house remained unscathed and we were able to have a legendary weekend with beautiful weather.  We also did our part to provide disaster relief by contributing to the local economy.  What can I say…. we’re truly philanthropists at heart.

Inside the Currituck Lighthouse

View from the top of the Currituck Lighthouse

White Sandy Beach

Big shout out to the Dream Team and our bodyguard, Harley.

4 Responses to “Outer Banks, NC – Part Uno”

  1. Love the pics!! and esp the commentary at the top…haha!

  2. 3 Ryan R.

    Great pictures. Inside the lighthouse is almost a “never ending stories” pic.
    The white sand beach looks beautiful, despite the taggers.

  3. 4 Linda Kenny

    The Kennys used to have our reunions in Duck. We discovered daughter’s Meryl fear of heights at Currituck lighthouse. Also stuck the jeep in the sand. Thanks for the flashbacks. Fantastic shot of the lighthouse stairs.

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