Ko Samet

With the blizzard aftermath covering the streets and temperatures in the single digits, it’s necessary that I find my happy place.  I’ve seen a lot of beaches in my life, but nothing has compared to the island of Ko Samet.  In between our whirlwind stays at Hong Kong and Bangkok, we made our way to this sandy paradise for some relaxation.  After partaking in $8 beachfront Thai massages and frozen beverages, a few of us rented mopeds and took a leisurely jaunt around the island to explore.  The scenery was breathtaking and I did my best to try and capture it, though I don’t think any lens would ever do it justice.  So as I sit here in Chicago under 37 layers of clothing and my hands wrapped around a styrofoam cup of hot chocolate, I refer to these pictures and attempt to send myself back to the tropical utopia that is Ko Samet. 

HDR from Pavilion

Sunset Silhouette

Another Day in Paradise

2 Responses to “Ko Samet”

  1. 1 Ron

    Nice distraction from the 4 degrees we have here in Michigan right now!

  2. 2 MarySue

    A perfect place to get totally lost love it!!!

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