Chicago is in the midst of a ginormous blizzard right now.  Since I have no choice but to be trapped inside, I decided to pick up where I left off with my study abroad pictures.  I still don’t think I’ve gone through all of them, but judging by the scenery outside my window I’ll have plenty of time for editing in the next 24-48 hours. 

Bangkok was the last stop on my tour de Asia.  It was definitely a far more “cultural” experience than Hong Kong, which is very westernized.  We visited the Thai Stock Exchange, stopped by the Pandora jewelry factory, went to a floating market, walked through the Grand Palace and ate copious amounts of Pad Thai.  We also managed to squeeze in my favorite part of the trip…  having custom clothes made.  Hello, awesome.  Besides the rockstar tailoring, we definitely made the most of the city with both dining and nightlife outings.    It was truly a wonderful way to end the trip and by the time we left, we could all say “hello”, “thank you” and “that’s what she said” in Thai.  A worthwhile educational experience indeed.

I hope you are all staying warm while the streets of Chicago get annihilated by thundersnow.  Remind me why I moved here? 

Took took

Inside Grand Palace Walls

Guarding the Grand Palace


2 Responses to “Bangkok”

  1. 1 nancy frager

    Monica, I would love to be in Chicago right now. I would make a giant
    snowman in the middle of the dog run area. I would show Remy how to make
    angels in the snow. What a blast! Enjoy every moment….xxoo Mom

  2. 2 Rupert

    So you took the took took?

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