I think I found paradise. After an exhilarating 5 days in Hong Kong, we caught a flight to Bangkok and took a bus & boat out to the Thai island of Ko Samet for some much needed free time. Ive never been to a more beautiful place in my life. The sand is a fine white powder, the water is crystal clear and the sun is strong!! A small group of us rented some mopeds and rode around the island to check out the beaches as seen here. It’s a rough life… But someone has to live it. šŸ˜‰

3 Responses to “Paradise”

  1. 1 Ron

    Nice – your logue helps me deal with the 25 degrees we have here!

  2. 2 keith

    I know I have a problem repeating myself, but very nice! Looks like a good setting for a movie.

  3. 3 marcsf

    Beautiful!!!! It’s cloudy and drizzly in Panama…going thru the locks was awesome!

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