Garfield Park Conservatory

Wow, am I happy that it’s FRIDAY!!!  I’m looking forward to the weekend, especially since UCF has been makin’ moves on the football field and finding a place in the ranks for the first time in school history!  Alas, this post has nothing to do with football or UCF, so I’ll just get on with it. 

My pops came up for a visit a few weekends ago and we had a superb time.  I was busy with school and midterms, but we still managed to squeeze in a trip to the Lyric Opera, Carmichaels, Greektown and the Garfield Park Conservatory.  The GPC (as I’ve affectionately nicknamed it) is a little gem that I didn’t even know existed, until dad mentioned going there to shoot pics.  We only had a couple hours to explore, but it’s highly likely that I’ll return so I can take my time and peruse the beautiful plants, waterfalls and flowers.  Even though Chicago is a really green city (literally, there are TONS of parks), it’s nice to know that this oasis exists.  It’s a great spot for photographers and I’m sure those of you with a green thumb would appreciate it too. 
Enjoy the pictures, have a fantastic weekend and turn on your tv’s tomorrow at 12E.T. to watch my UCF Knights destroy Southern Miss!  Go Knights!!  🙂 

Marble Statue

Fern Room

Pretty in Pink

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  1. Beautiful photos!

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