As a kid growing up in Florida, I didn’t get to experience the typical change in seasons.  Instead of Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall – I had Hurricanes, Hot, Hotter and Holy Humidity.   Even though Winter is nature’s cruelest joke (and I’m so not amused), I very much appreciate the normal progression of seasons and Fall is by far my favorite.  Since I know there is impending doom lurking around the corner, I always take the opportunity to get outside for a brisk  jaunt while the weather is still tolerable.   A couple weekends ago, I went to go visit some family in Evanston and we traversed through Northwestern’s campus so I could play photographer and enjoy the crunchy Fall leaves.   I don’t think all these pictures are representative of Fall, per se, but my blog makes its own rules and I’m gonna go ahead and post them anyway… because rebelling is awesome.

Little Lady

Picnic in the Park

Sunny Side Up

Nerd University

Dad's Old Stomping Grounds

One Response to “Fall”

  1. I love these! You are so talented!

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