Apparently it’s not my photography that captures my readers…  it’s my stick figures.  Back by popular demand, I bring you another animated Moni moment.
Photographers are very picky.  Our goal is to capture moments, so you can see the world through our eyes.  We want it portrayed perfectly.  It’s easy to work with inanimate objects, because we can turn them, place them, mold them or light them however we want.  Working with people or animals is a different story.  As you know, I’m hyper-attached to my dog and I want to capture all the cuteness digitally so I can share him with the masses.  While some people/creatures oblige to being in front of the camera…  Remy rebels.  I don’t know how he knows what I’m doing, but whenever I pull out the camera he goes from “I’m in the perfect position to have my picture taken” to “I’m suddenly deaf and I’m looking everywhere but you.”  I thought I’d illustrate one of these moments, so you know just how hard it is to get that perfect shot.
Here’s Moni.


There’s Remy.  (He has a pudgy chest)

I'm the Rem Dog.

Remy looks cute and I’m in the mood to take pictures, so I pull out my camera.  Please note, Remy is a Border Collie.  The smartest breed.  He understands “treats”, “outside”, “cheese” (he loves cheese) and his name very well.  However, at this moment his hearing is selective and his IQ drops significantly.

Remy! Remy! Treats! Outside? Treats? Cheese? Remy! REMY! TREATS! CHEESE??!?!?!! OUTSIDE!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! REMY?

I imagine this is what it looks like to my neighbors or people passing by, because naturally we are outside on the patio where the light is.

Crazy lady and her untrained animal

Little did I know, my dog is a comedian.  Now the world is judging me and I have 56 unfocused pictures of my dog wandering aimlessly.  Finally, I use reverse psychology.  I pretend like I don’t care that I get a picture.  “I don’t care if you look at me, Remy.  I have better things to shoot.  No more cheese for you, jerk.”  That’s when he finally looks…  and I get my shot.

Moni: You're never getting another treat. Fine, you want a treat? Let's go get a treat.

I hope this brings you a new appreciation for the art of photography.  For every good shot, there were a hundred that were deleted.  And my neighbors haven’t called animal control… yet.  🙂

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  1. 1 marcsf

    your photography captures me!!!!

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