Run, Moni, Run

**The following story is based on actual events. **
Meet Moni

Hi, I'm Moni!


It’s summer and Moni just bought a new bathing suit.  So Moni wanted to get in shape and be the epitome of fitness and health and rock the beaches. 

I'm going to be a STAR!


 After weeks of hitting the gym, Moni decided to go for a run outside on a nice day. 

Cue "Eye of the Tiger"


 After running, Moni felt stiffness and pain in her leg and noticed her knee resembled a jet puff marshmallow.   

That doesn’t look right.

  Moni’s dreams of looking like the next Shape magazine cover girl were ruined.      

I can't be a star if I have Fat Knee Syndrome (FNS)!!!!


 Moni pouted.  Alas, life must go on.  And even with Fat Knee Syndrome, Moni can still eat buffalo wings.    



The end.

6 Responses to “Run, Moni, Run”

  1. 1 Chris Nelson

    Wings make life better! You will be okay and hey, there is always next year. Swimming is good for that. Oh wait…

  2. 2 carol ellman

    You are a riot! I might know an almost orthopedic MD who could look at your knee!!! Meanwhile, use ice!!!

  3. 3 Punnnnnn

    This is butta.

  4. 4 Michael Montalto

    Classic 🙂

  5. I love this! Maybe you’re wearing the wrong shoes? Fleet Feet can outfit you with the right stuff so your knee doesn’t yell at you whilst busting a move.

  1. 1 This cracks me up « See Shlee Run!

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