Happy Summer, Monifans! Remember me? As usual, things have been moving at super mega turbo speed. With all of life’s responsibilities, it’s often easy to lose track of the days and find yourself in a routine. Alarm clock buzzes at 6:15. Walk the dog. Feed the dog. Work at 8. Leave at 5. Go to class. Go to the gym. Remy time. Brief couch time. Bed at 10:30. Wash, rinse, repeat. Naturally, there are glimpses of respite (typically referred to as Saturday and Sunday), but since I’ve been in school my weekends often involve studying and/or taking care of all the errands I avoided during the week. Time management is my new best friend. It’s true. We even have charm bracelets.

“Geez, Moni… I didn’t come here to hear you gripe about being 27 and awesome!”

I know what you’re thinking. But that leads me to the point of this rambling intro… where do we find our inspiration? We have to have something that motivates us to “carpe diem” instead of “Tylenol PM.”

Since I’ve started photography as a hobby, I’ve seen the world in a different way. I’m constantly noticing things that would make a great shot or that would be fun to photograph. I’m inspired by objects/places that have surrounded me for years, but I’ve only noticed for a few months. Photography has helped me appreciate things in a unique way and it has inspired me to see, do and conquer. Photography, you get a gold star.

These pictures came out of inspiration to do, see and conquer. I hope you enjoy and I’m very curious to know… what inspires you?

See Chicago

See Nature

See Family

See Things Differently

5 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. 1 Al Czervik

    I can see how these are inspirational. Incredible pictures, great work.

  2. 2 carol ellman

    What inspires me? You Do!

  3. 3 Chris Nelson

    My inspiration comes from living an unexpected life and nature. A new songs or old reborn in the mind, a flower I never noticed before in the middle of the side walk, or just new people. Inspiration is the constant new experiences that is life and the world that add meaning, substances, and brings out new ideas in the minds eye.

  4. 4 MarySue Farrar

    I really loved the monilogues inspirational pictures, great work Monica!


    HEY MONZ, Just got a chance to look at my emails very impressive stories and pictures. I can see you growing in a beautiful light all your experiences, TIME MANAGEMENT, in total control of what you want, good for you. Enjoying life and taking care of all your responsibilities that is a very big accomplishment and all on your time. You are very inspirational continue to enjoy all that you can.
    Love ya Debbie
    PS By the way glad to see you could join us.:)

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