My name is Moni and I endorse this message.
The Chicago Blackhawks are the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions!!!  You heard right, my friends.  After breaking the NHL’s longest drought, the Hawks pick up their first Cup since 1961. The bandwagon is packed to the brim with Chicago sports fans who up until 2007, completely forgot that they had a hockey team.  And I gotta be honest,  I’ve hopped on.  No shame in my game, this team was exciting to watch and has a bunch of young stars who re-energized the city and brought the Blackhawks franchise back to life!!  It was a thrilling playoffs and I watched every single game – most of the time over a basket of buffalo wings.  Life…  is good. 
The victory parade was yesterday in downtown Chicago and all 150 true Blackhawks fans and tens of thousands of my fellow bandwagoneers joined me to celebrate with the team.  Here’s what I’ve got to show for it.

Our fearless mascot

Weeeeee are the champions!

Kane, Toews and Lord Stanley's Cup

Hi, I'm a winner. How are you?

2 Responses to “Victory”

  1. 1 Keith (not Duncan)

    Great pics Monica they’re better than the Tribune’s and Suntimes and very true and nice introduction to the pictures. Like how you got Toew’s admiring the cup and Kane scoping the crowd on who to invite “backstage”.

  2. 2 Eric

    first: whats the over/under for how many times kane get’s arrested this summer?

    second: how many wings can you eat in a sitting?

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