I know my last post was titled “Sweet Home Chicago”, but truth be told, I still consider Florida my home.  I realized very shortly after moving to Chicago that there were many things I took for granted about Florida when I lived there.  I know the weather is an obvious one, but there were also things I didn’t realize I cared for until I wasn’t around them anymore.  I really missed the salty smell of the ocean and the sound of waves.  I missed the ability to wear flip flops year round.  I missed the sight of palm trees and the fact that beachwear is acceptable fashion at almost every establishment.  What I missed the most were the colors.  Florida is such a colorful and beautiful state.  The water, the flowers, even the buildings there are so vibrant and brilliant to look at.   I was home last weekend for “Spring Break” and took the opportunity to enjoy all the things I missed about Florida.  For this post,  I wanted to focus on things that I thought were signature Florida visuals.  When I think about Florida…  I think about palm trees and hibiscus flowers and most certainly, a real beach (no offense, Chicago…  Lake Michigan and the small stretch of sand you call a “beach” doesn’t quite cut it).   When other people think about Florida, they think about miscounted ballots, hurricanes and Mickey Mouse… but I digress.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!  🙂

3 Responses to “Home”

  1. 1 Claud

    Excellent pictures. The beach picture is so warm and peaceful.

  2. 2 Jeff

    You can totally wear flip-flops year round outside Florida! Well sure, it’s not very smart in places that have real winter… But dude, smart is so out. Just read the news headlines. Duh.

    Love the hibiscus shot. Particularly fun series following the Chicago post. But…where’s the salmon? 🙂

  3. You’ve got that right! I’ll see you in Boca. 🙂

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