Pardon Our Dust


As a dedicated business school student (*cough cough* hear that, Pops?) I went into the office on Sunday so I could focus on some homework and not be distracted by the comforts of home.  Since nobody is there, I brought Rem Dog with me for some company.  During a study break, I walked the pooch across the street to the park and caught a glimpse of the recent demo work going on next door.   I must have a thing for  buildings in ruin (see my Motor City post), because I saw a fantastic photo opp and brought my camera in today to see what I could capture.  It’s not your typical Chicago architecture, but I still think it’s pretty neat.  🙂 

Former Stairwell


Building Guts

4 Responses to “Pardon Our Dust”

  1. 1 marcsf

    good seeing, monz!!! Love the geometric concept of the stairwell…

    • 2 Jeff

      Totally agree! That first Dust pic and the Castello Il Palagio could be the start of your stairs series. 🙂 I kid…except not really. Those two pics juxtaposed are really interesting. They seem clearly different, but there’s just enough similarity in the color palette and geometry that I had to flip between them for a couple minutes…and then found myself seeing parallels more than their differences. Seriously neat. Way to find unlikely siblings half a world apart!

  2. 3 synergythris786

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  3. 4 Onusko


    That stairwell pic is amazing and impressive- great eye. Fantastic shot!

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