Tuscany, San Gimignano and Pisa


Check me out, posting 2 days in a row!!  Is a Project 365* in my near future?  Probably not, I should set reasonable goals and aim for a Project 52** (see below if you’ve never heard of these endeavors before).

Enough about me, let’s talk about the pictures!  While staying in Florence, we took a day trip out to Tuscany and visited the village of San Gimignano.  San Gimignano is famous for it’s medieval architecture and particularly for it’s towers, one of which I climbed up with my camera in tow. 

View from Bell Tower in San Gimignano

From there, we headed over to Castello Il Palagio where we enjoyed a wine tasting and a tour of the cellars.  Not only was the wine phenomenal, but the structure itself is breathtakingly beautiful.  This shot is by far my personal favorite. 

Castello Il Palagio

After departing from Florence, we took a quick trip to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower.  It’s definitely neat to see one of the world’s wonders, and I loved the white marble and all the columns. 

Leaning Tower of Pisa

That wraps up my trip to Italy!  I hope I have inspired you to use those Skymiles and take some vacation days.  🙂  Ciao! 

*Project 365 aims to document a year of your life by taking a picture a day (or a bunch of pictures, but only choosing one) and sharing it on a blog.

**Project 52 is my slacker version of a Project 365, where you post a picture a week for a year.

4 Responses to “Tuscany, San Gimignano and Pisa”

  1. 1 Keith

    Great pictures for all the cities and thanks for sharing. When you going to Amsterdam?

  2. 2 Kelly Winkler

    Mon, these pics were awesome. Love the 365 or idea or its lesser cousin the 52 🙂 Keep sharing! xxx

  3. 3 lily

    These pictures are absolutely perfect! I could stare at them all day. I have been sharing them with everyone. Thank you for documenting our trip so professionally!!!!

  4. They look fantastic! Job well done!

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