Firenze and Venezia

Of all the cities I visited while in Italy, Florence was my favorite.  I was immediately taken by the architecture and cultural richness.  While there, we walked through the Uffizi, saw a leatherwork demonstration and of course… took advantage of the charming boutiques and fabulous shopping!  The morning we left for Venice we stopped at an area overlooking the entire city of Florence and that’s where I snapped these photographs.

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

Ponte Vecchio

Venice was the last stop of our tour.  We spent 2 nights there, but really only had one full day to see the city.  They tell you to literally “get lost” in Venice because it’s a maze of canals, bridges and quaint and colorful buildings (and no cars).  Before we aimlessly wandered the streets, we saw a demonstration on Murano glass and enjoyed a leisurely gondola ride through the canals.  It was a very Venetian experience!

Grand Canal at Dusk

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  1. 1 marcsf

    Great pix, Monz…..good work!!!!1 Keep ’em coming

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