Rome & The Vatican


Hi friends!  Or shall I say, ciao amici!   

Miss me?  I missed you!  I had a WONDERFUL time in Italy.  The culture is so rich, the history is fascinating, the food is delicious and the wine… pure bliss.  And don’t get me started on the gelato!  My skinny jeans are on strike until further notice.  I took over 800 pictures while I was there, but after I edit/weed through there will only be a small handful that remain.  Of that group, I have chosen my favorites to post here.  I’ll try to keep it in semi-chronological order and will start with Rome & The Vatican.  Florence and Venice to follow soon!  I hope you enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I look forward to making Monilogues a Monitastic part of 2010. 

Ceiling inside Pantheon

Trevi Fountain

Woman with Rosary Beads in St. Peters Square

Ceiling inside St. Peters Basillica

2 Responses to “Rome & The Vatican”

  1. 1 Michael Montalto

    Bravo! Love that you have gone to my (well half of my) people’s home land and found such great success in your journey.

    Keep the pictures coming.

  2. 2 marcsf

    Great pix…loved ’em!!!! Good work, Monz

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