Meet the Motor City

Since my mom’s family is from Michigan, we always spend Thanksgiving in the suburbs of Detroit.  My dad is an avid photographer and suggested that we venture into the city (where I had never been before) and shoot some of the old abandoned auto plants.  Not all of Detroit looks like this, but coming from a city like Chicago it is quite a drastic change.  I was fascinated by these buildings – they are so bleak and decrepit, yet they have such an important history and legacy.   I really wanted to capture the seemingly somber nature of the scene. 
On a more uplifting note, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year did not disappoint!!  Thanks to my wonderful family for ensuring that I did not go hungry.  After I post this, I’m going to the gym!

Michigan Industrial Electronics

Fisher Body Plant

Fisher Body Plant

Packard Plant

Packard Plant

Packard Plant

3 Responses to “Meet the Motor City”

  1. there’s really something about those old abandoned buildings.
    Looking at your photos it reminds me of a post-apocaliptic movie theme for example. If you had said it was in Chernobyl i’d belive it :P.

  2. great shots!

  3. 3 Keith

    Great pictures. Do you remember where the buildings where? It looks like some of the filming locations of Robocop.

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