The pride parade has some personal meaning for me.  Not due to any political or social matters, but because I moved to Chicago the day of the pride parade in 2007.  After driving 18 hours and trying to find the apartment that I was renting but hadn’t yet seen, in a neighborhood that I wasn’t familiar with, you can imagine that there was some added chaos by trying to navigate a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people with a packed car, my mom, and my very confused dog.  

Now that I’ve been settled in Chicago and don’t live on the north side, I can join the festivities on purpose.  It’s not a maze for me to navigate, but rather a huge celebration of people living freely.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves, but let me tell you – Chicago is a very proud city.  This year’s parade drew over a million people.  It was a smorgasbord of people, glitter, costumes, make-up and flags.  AKA the perfect opportunity to capture people doing what they do best in this city…  getting their party on.  


Yep.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  :)


Tourists at the Bean


The Modern Wing – Art Institute of Chicago


Crown Fountain

Foggy Night @ Pritzker Pavilion

Foggy Night @ Pritzker Pavilion

You know what’s awesome?  Meeting other people who love photography and adventure.  I’ve recently been hanging out with a fellow photo enthusiast and we decided to take advantage of this beautiful weather and hit up Museum Campus last night.  I’ve shot the skyline from this area a bunch of times, but never with such a dramatic and beautiful sky.   It also helps that I just took an online course on nighttime photography and wanted to put some of the info to practice.   What do you think, friends?   What grade would you give these photos?

20140617-IMG_0373 20140617-IMG_0391 20140617-IMG_0392



Really? Now I have to watch the Cubs??



Adventure Day!


After the coldest winter in recorded history, spring has FINALLY arrived.  However, she decided to extend the misery by providing us with a copious amount of April showers.  (Bitch.)  After a miserable week of cloudy skies and cold rain, I was antsy, irritable, and needing an escape.

Mission:  Adventure Day.

Fortunately, Saturday was projected to be sunny and pleasant, and I was ready to get the heck outta dodge.  I mapped out a little day trip to the west coast of Michigan and left the itinerary wide open.  Maybe I’ll hike some sand dunes.  Maybe I’ll shoot some lighthouses.  Maybe I’ll stay the night.  Maybe I won’t!   There were only 2 conditions:  the intended locations were dog friendly, and I would be home in time for the Blackhawks game on Sunday.

When I woke up on Saturday, the light was already peeking into my windows.  Sunshine.  It really exists!  I was super amped to start the party, so I made a quick breakfast, packed up Remy, and hit the road.

We drove with the windows open to our first stop, Warren Dunes State Park.  The website said there was a dog beach, but I only saw a few signs that said no animals.  Rules were made to be broken (right?), so we went down to the beach anyway and I let Remy kick it in the lake for a bit.  It was quiet and serene, but I was too excited about Adventure Day for that kind of atmosphere.  We hopped back into the car and headed to St. Joseph.

St. Joe’s is adorable.  It’s got a charming downtown, the people are super friendly, and the beachfront is pretty expansive.  It’s a great stop for Adventure Day.

St. Joseph Lighthouse - Day

St. Joseph Lighthouse – Day

We walked to the lighthouse, explored the little main street and enjoyed some lunch.   We then got back in the car and headed to Benton Harbor.  However, the Blossomtime Festival was happening, so we continued on to South Haven.  RemDog doesn’t do crowds.

South Haven was equally as quaint and adorable as St. Joseph’s.  Lo and behold, they also had a signature lighthouse.


South Haven Pier

South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse

At this point, the weather had warmed up enough for me to ditch my jacket.  We spent some time by the beach and took in the beautiful sights.  RemDog appeared to be thoroughly enjoying Adventure Day thus far.

I <3 Adventure Day!

South Pier Lighthouse

South Pier Lighthouse

As we thought about our next stop, the sun was going down and the sky was turning a rich shade of blue and pink.  I figured it would be perfect to head back to St. Joseph and get a dusk shot of the lighthouse.

St. Joseph Lighthouse - Early Evening

St. Joseph Lighthouse – Early Evening

Remy was also amenable to this idea.

Adventure Day rules!

At this point, we felt another destination may be a bit ambitious.  Adventure Day was so fulfilling – I got some much needed vitamin D and exercise, and had so much fun exploring some new places.  We got back in the car and headed home.

Mission:  Accomplished.



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